About me

My name is Mariah. I am a born again believer, a far from perfect one. I am a wife, to my husband Jacob who is currently in his senior(kinda) year of college and works full time. He’s a ginger who undoubtedly has the softest heart and is what I needed in a husband. He is the calm to my crazy. I grew up military, he was born and raised in Kansas. We met at 16, found out we were having a baby at 17, met her at 18(well almost for me), married at 19, had number 2 at 20, and are now 21 with a 3rd on the way. We have a beautiful 3 year old, Willow who is the sassiest little thing you’ll ever meet. We have a 1 year old boy, Reid, who is the sweetest little ginger baby you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And our newest addition Ivy. Who is too tiny to have much of a personality but has flipped our lives upside down and stolen our hearts yet again.   We live a crazy life and many probably think we are insane but we love every second of it.